How to get your FTP username and password from Adopt-A-Pet

In order to automatically post your pets on Adopt-A-Pet, you will first need to access your FTP username and Password.

You will need to access your FTP information in order to turn on your adopt-a-pet sync in Pawlytics. Follow these steps to get your FTP username and password:

1. Log into your Adopt-A-Pet account through the Shelter and Rescue Portal

2. Click on Shelter/Rescue in the menu bar at the top.

3. Click AutoUpload/Import Pets from the dropdown

4. When selecting a software provider, select "None of the Above" and Continue.
AdoptaPet_NoProvider5. Change your AutoUpload Settings to the following:

  • AutoUpload Enabled - Yes
  • Select your software: None of the Above
  • Allow manually added pets - No
  • Allow manual editing of pets - No
  • Does your data file have column headers - Yes
  • Do you want to import acceptable pets, even if there are processing errors with other pets. - Yes

*At the bottom of these settings is where you will find your FTP Username and FTP Password that you need to put into your Pawlytics account.  


We send data to Adopt A Pet every 4 hours but they take a little longer to process things. You're now ready to put your FTP information into your Pawlytics Account. Click here to learn how to turn on your Adopt-A-Pet sync directly in Pawlytics.